Nascar No Only Circuit With Presence Problems

Kurt Busch, driving the #2 Roger Penske owned Miller Lite entry in 2010, will be going after the NASCAR title with a new crew chief Steve Addington. Busch's brother Kyle had an amazing season with Addington as his crew chief two years ago and brother Kurt is trying to recapture that magic for his benefit.

The first good thing about the Chase would be that after twenty-six races, no matter how big the lead is, it evaporates to next to nothing. If a driver has been widening his lead throughout the season, that lead is gone at the start of the Chase. In fact, if he has not won the most laps, he is no longer in the lead. History has shown that this Chase format leads to an exciting finish to the NASCAR season.

If the article is accurate, Dale Jr. ought to be lionized by the metrosexual East coast self-appointed elite, the one whose members are of the unshakable opinion everyone born south of the Mason-Dixon line are the byproducts of in-breeding while they themselves need two hands to carry a six-pack. Don't hold your breath waiting for this to happen. Self-induced asphyxiation is a wretched way to go. No, one is best advised to write this off as yet another chapter in the ongoing saga that permeates much of the mainstream media. Namely, disrespect for all things, and individuals, racing comm.

Lets begin with intimacy. Is that word really being used in NASCAR racing blog? When we pulled into the speedway at Talladega I was amazed at how far away we had to park. I bet we parked close to two miles away from the track. Now don't get me wrong, the officials at Talladega should be complimented for the organization of their taxi services (tractors that pull trailors with comfortable seating). We parked and we walked probably 250 feet and got onto one of the trailors (sorry I do not have a better word for it) and we were at the speedway in a matter of minutes. Each time at Atlanta we have parked within a quarter of a mile to a half a mile away. It should also be noted that we arrived at each speedway approximately three hours before the race.

Driver Orientation Recap. Once you are familiar with the proper hand signals and driving lines, your instructor will recap all the safety features of the racecar. And there will be an opportunity for more questions/answers.

Drag racing is done in a short distance over a straight section of a street or road. The cars are usually specially designed with powerful engines. The race usually only takes about 10 seconds and parachutes are often needed to bring the cars to a full stop.

The schedule will be hectic and may have an effect on her success. While the amount of ARCA races is undetermined, she will still drive the seventeen races series with the Andretti Green Indy race team. ARCA races will be either before or after her other race commitments. She will be teaming up with another new driver Kelly Bires who is joining JR Motorsports. Skeptics believe she will not be able to handle the "rough and tumble" nature of NASCAR and even if the others drivers cut her some slack, she still is going to have to be able to adapt to door to door style of NASCAR and the inevitable accidents that happen in every race. Time will tell if she gives up and goes back to the Indy league.

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